Ways to Socialize While Social Distancing

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The weekend is now here,

Your calendar is clear.

What is there to do?

We’ve ideas for you…

Social distancing does not have to be complete social isolation…get creative!  Stay connected, stay curious and stay active to STAY WELL. Let’s look at options…

Host a Movie Night – Plan to watch a movie with others.  Netflix introduced Netflix Party and describes it as a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. It synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat to your favorite shows.  You can have a movie night with your family and make popcorn or a special snack. Talk about it at home or ask friends to watch the same film and Facetime afterwards.  Take time to look for a good movie. Sometimes the anticipation of what’s to come is half of the fun. – The 50 Best Movies of the 2010s – Rolling Stone or Top 100 Kids & Family Movies – Rotten Tomatoes.

Take a Cultural Tour – Take a virtual tour with a family member or friend and share your impressions. Like our gyms, other businesses, museums and parks all over the world have closed to support social distancing. You can still get a healthy dose of culture and nature with these online tours.  Check out Smithsonian for museums, Google Earth for tours of 31 national parks and Google Arts & Culture for all ages.

Organize a Virtual Happy Hour – Coordinate a time with family or friends to have a drink.  You can invite 1 or 2 friends or a group. Most applications allow people to join while in session if everyone isn’t available at the exact time it is scheduled to begin.  Check out apps like FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or  Houseparty.

With FaceTime every participant needs an Apple device and Google Hangout, for example, every participant needs a gmail account.  House Party is a more universal app where you can even play games virtually with friends. There are many options and the technology is easy…if you get jammed up, watch a Youtube video for instructions.

Plan a Date Night – Plan a special evening with a significant other at home. Make it special by getting dressed up (we aren’t criticizing your recent sweatsuits or loungewear).  You can do any of these suggested activities together or have a nice dinner at your dining room table or by candlelight on the couch.

Get an Education – This is a great time to learn something new.  You can watch YouTube instructional videos and to gain a skill to apply at home right now.  Another idea is to take advantage of a free online course. There are countless options. For example, EdX gives you access to more than 2,500 courses from institutions including Harvard, MIT and Berkeley.  The courses are free, but if you’re happy to pay a small optional fee, you can get a certificate which could build up your resumé. Take the opportunity to challenge yourself and have some fun in a different space like learning a language Duolingo – Free Language Learning.

Join a Book Group – Are you already in a book club?  It is so healthy to keep your old routine where possible.  Meet at your normal time or create additional meetings to talk about your books. Find a comfortable chair in a quiet spot at home so it feels special.

If you weren’t already a part of a book club, you can join one of many online.  Take a look at previous books they’ve read to make sure you like the themes, author, etc. they tend to read.  Now Read This is a monthly book club from PBS News Hour and The New York Times Book Review.  A new book is presented each month and thoughtful discussion questions are posted daily for members to consider.  Buzzfeed Book Club reads one book a month and hosts discussions, and there are also thousands of online book clubs through Goodreads.

Have Coffee – Mindfully sip coffee with someone at home or invite a guest virtually.  If your coffee hour is usually after spin class, hook up with a friend who wants to do the same exercise class virtually and then Facetime over a cup of coffee afterwards.  Working out with a partner is always beneficial for motivation and socialization and now this is true more than ever. 

Play Games – You can host a family game night with everyone under your roof, invite others to play while on Facetime or a similar app as mentioned above.  Additionally, explore online games. Keep your brain fresh with AARP free online games, keep your kids safe and having fun with Common Sense Media or just go old school with Monopoly, Scattergories, UNO and so on.  Enjoy!

Hold a Dance Party – Turn on music and throw a dance party in the living room.  Invite friends on Facetime or Google hangout. You can even make a TikTok and share it with others for fun or to start a challenge.  Can’t dance? Start with a Youtube dance party video.

Reach out to others – Send a card or flowers to a friend. Drop baked goods or a note on a loved one’s doorstep.  Encourage the whole family to make a meal together. You can double the recipe and give half to another family. To make it easy and portable, how about trying healthy one pot meals?   

Workout – Of course, you can exercise together from home in a Live Streamed Fitness ClassR3 Fitness comes to mind!

Do you have ideas to keep strong bonds with others, create new relationships, explore new opportunities and remain mentally well while social distancing?

Keep socializing with us online and let us know your REAL THOUGHTS on this…

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