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With countless unknowns in our world right now,  we know it feels like the right time to get back to the R3 Blog.  We can stay connected even with our social distancing. Many people feel alone and out of control for a variety of reasons – no school, no work, no routine, no access to the gym…no toilet paper in any stores!  Let’s think about what we do have control over to lessen the stress and find a silver lining during this trying time. Here are a few thoughts…  

  • You can control your ATTITUDE

You can start each day with a positive outlook.  We’d say make lemonade from lemons or even a lemon drop “quarantini”…did we take it too far?!  If what you think and say is doom and gloom that will become your truth, your reality. By believing and speaking the good that can come from dealing with the challenges of this virus, and continuing to smile, you’ll have greater luck staying mentally well.  During this time, become the best version of yourself by writing a card to your grandmother in the nursing home, being friendly to a stranger in the grocery store – even though you are waving from afar or reaching out to friends you have been meaning to call. Your positive outlook and actions can be as meaningful to you as others.

  • You can control your USE OF FREE TIME – 

For many, this is found time at home and with family as we recently became free of most outside social commitments.  We certainly must continue to prepare meals, do the laundry and take care of old and new responsibilities. Have your kids been wanted you to make a TikTok with them and you were always trying to get dinner on the table?  Is there a new recipe you’ve wanted to try, but it is time consuming and you had just one more email to respond to? Is there a show on Netflix your spouse enjoys and wanted you to watch together, but there was little free time in the day so you used to opt out?  Use this time at home to do activities you’ve been wanting to or that loved ones would be thrilled to have you join.

  • You can control your TO DO LIST – 

During this unprecedented time, you can both accomplish tasks and take time to relax.  Make a list of to-dos at home. Don’t get overwhelmed, you don’t need to do them all at once.  You can prioritize or be spontaneous. Maybe a priority is that you want to wash the kitchen windows to allow the sun in for vitamin D knowing you’ll be home more often..and likely doing more dishes because the kids are now eating 3 meals a day 7 days a week at home.  Or maybe you can be spontaneous and do a random project each day…take a photo of the list, then cut the list in strips and put them in a jar. Pick one task and tackle it. In some ways, this quarantine is a gift of time. We can take care of tasks and also relax; watch a movie, read a book, mediate, do a craft and much more. Because most activities, celebrations and errands have been cancelled or simplified, we are left with shorter to-do lists. And we find ourselves with some free time.  Use it well. Relish it.  

Lastly, think of ways you can stay active outside of  your home- take a bike ride, hike, walk– all of these will help your attitude, be a good use of free time and feel like a to-do that’s been accomplished.  

Let us know your REAL THOUGHTS on this…

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