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Beat the Boredom Workout!

March 24, 2020 R3 Coaching Team 0Comment

These unknown times of not having access to the gym or your equipment can really put a hamper on your workout routines. Rather than working out your hands by twiddling your thumbs waiting for the opportunity to get back in the gym, we can beat that lethargy together by incorporating exercises in a circuit to get your body moving, and you feeling better that you burned some of those pizza calories!

Here at R3, there are some movements that we can string together to keep your body moving in the right direction without the need of equipment! Lets string these movements into a miserable cardio workout that’ll make you feel like you’re on Cloud 9, or 7th Heaven, or any other name and number combination you want!

The Bodyweight Blitz Warmup!

Lets start with some circuit warm ups to get that body moving before we start bruisin’!

Go through the warm up one to two times before we move on to the juicy stuff! With the same concept, we’re going to begin a circuit workout, no equipment needed!

The Bodyweight Blitz!

We’re going to attempt to shoot for 3 to 4 rounds, pick a nice repetition range for each exercise (ten is a great, horrible number to attempt) and knock them out in perfect form, moving on to the following exercise. The last exercise is chin ups which may not apply to everyone so if you cannot do a certain movement, no worries, add a different exercise or move on to the others!

And if its nice out and you have the ability to do chin ups, grab a tree or skip this exercise in the circuit!

Rest and repeat for 3 to 4 rounds! Try to keep your breaks minimal so we’re working your cardiovascular system!

Keep on strong guys!

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