Motivational Monday

Are you totally out of your workout routine at this point? Or do you need a little push to keep you going?  Would an acrostic poem help?! No…well at least the poem suggestion got you to smile!

Monday Motivation Poem

M Move your body – climb the stairs, clean the house until you sweat

O Outside is a good choice for fresh air and fewer germs (but the snow?!) 

T Trust the process and just move, you’ll feel energized 

I It all counts and can be credited on your MyZone 

V Vary your workout- squats holding a laundry basket 

A All R3 workouts can be accessed on the R3 FB Group – Stronger Together 

T Trainers are still there for you

I It is not forever that we will be socially distanced, be hopeful

O Own your fitness – physical and mental wellness

N Now is the time to turn to your R3 family for support and motivation 

SO do you feel motivated to work out?  Or write a poem of your own?

Let us know your REAL THOUGHTS on this…

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