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17 Awesome Reasons to Exercise That Have Nothing to do With Weight Loss

May 13, 2019 R3 Coaching Team 0Comment

Hi everyone, coach Patrick here with the top 17 reasons to exercise that do not have anything to do with weight loss.

I know summer is right around the corner and most of you have exciting places to go and things to do. But wait! Don’t forget about your workout. Again!

Lots of people fall off the exercise wagon during summer months due to vacations, taking care of kids home for the summer months, and other warm weather distractions. I get it, I really do, but what about all the amazing perks that you’re missing out on?

Just in case you needed a little reminder that will motivate you to keep your exercise routine going during the summer with all that nice weather. Here are 17 Awesome Reasons to Exercise Today! (that have nothing to do with weight loss)

Your brain loves when you exercise. From increased memory to reduced anxiety and better restful sleep, exercise has been proven to help!
  1. Exercise reduces your stress: Let’s face it, you have enough stress in your life—so take a break. A challenging workout invigorates your muscles and leaves you relaxed and less stressed.
  2. Exercise boosts your energy: Research routinely concludes that exercise increases energy levels in sedentary people. So when you’re feeling fatigued, fight it with the most powerful tool available: exercise.
  3. Exercise makes you stronger: Who doesn’t want to be stronger? You rely on your body’s muscle strength and endurance throughout each day. With consistent, challenging exercise, your body will naturally become stronger.
  4. Exercise reduces your blood pressure: Exercise is so powerful that it has been proven more effective than medication in reducing high blood pressure. A single workout has even been shown to reduce blood pressure for the day, and consistent exercise reduces overall blood pressure.
  5. Exercise increases your insulin sensitivity: Research continues to prove that exercise dramatically improves insulin sensitivity. Peak after-meal insulin levels have been shown to drop by more than 20 percent after as little as 3 weeks of consistent exercise.
  6. Exercise improves your sleep: Exercise is your most powerful sleep aid. Tired muscles encourage your body to quickly fall asleep in order to get overnight repair work done.
  7. Exercise lowers your risk of heart disease: Exercise strengthens your heart and protects it against disease. A non-active lifestyle is a huge risk factor for heart disease, so use consistent exercise as your ally against disease.
  8. Exercise lowers your risk of diabetes: Research has shown that exercising as little as half an hour each day can dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes. If you are at risk of diabetes, or already have diabetes, use regular exercise as treatment for reversing the disease.
  9. Exercise increases your endurance: Don’t ever get out of breath from walking up stairs or through the mall again. Your regular exercise builds up endurance for everyday activities.
  10. Exercise improves your overall health: Does your doctor give you the lecture about losing weight and exercising more? Once you start exercising regularly you and your MD will see an overall improvement in your health.
  11. Exercise makes you a good example for your family or loved ones: Your family and people who care about you are watching you. Whether it’s your friends, your parents, your siblings, your significant other (or just neighbor next door), your circle of friends and family observe what you do and take note. And your exercise encourages others to do the same. We regularly mirror others around us in our gestures and behaviors. So consider that every time you’re heading to the gym, you’re setting an example, encouraging others to do the same. Who knows you may just be the inspiration someone needs to start changing their life.
  12. Exercise makes you smarter: Building muscles also helps you build brain cells. Many studies show the of the effects of exercise on the brain improves memory, boosts cognition, helps you learn faster, increases brain volume, and even makes you a better reader. In addition, some current studies have found that working out helps prevent the cognitive decline as we age and diseases like Alzheimer’s. I mean this one is a no brainer 🙂
  13. Exercise strengthens your bones: Bone density may not be the sexiest subject, but we all should be aware of it, especially as it helps us maintain a strong and mobile body. The best way to build bone density and reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis into old age is to do weight-bearing exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, etc. (But really any weight-bearing activity can help. Keep it up though: Adults who quit exercising later in life lost bone mass even if they’d exercised regularly earlier in their youth.
  14. Exercise adds life to your years: Extra years that you add from exercise will be happy ones: Some recent studies have shown that people who exercise reported feeling happier, more excited, and had more enthusiasm for life than their couch-potato peers. I mean who doesn’t want to be in a good mood and happy?
  15. Exercise helps to age you slower: Exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight aging. When you age your body loses muscle and bone, while the loss of both are drastically reduced with regular exercise. Exercise also helps reduce inflammation.
  16. Exercise is an opportunity to meet new cool people: Gyms, workout centers and even jogging trails are all great places to connect with fun new friends. So lace up and put your self out there! It helps you stay committed longer by haring your struggles and being in situations with like minded goals and objectives.
  17. Exercise helps reduce the risk of major illness: A regular consistent exercise program can enhance your immune system. It can also decrease your risk of developing cancer, arthritis, and various other ailments by up to 50%.

While most of focus on exercise to lose weight, and punish ourselves with exercise after we we eat “poorly”.I hope this list shows that exercise has a plethora of reasons to keep it going. It’s one of mother nature’s best medicines to feeling great, and living a better quality of life.Get out there and get moving!

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