R3 Fitness has four locations across CT and we will be opening more in the next year! We are setting the standard on how fitness is done and need top notch fitness professionals that can keep up with our growing company.

You can take control of your earning potential with our generous salary compensation that rewards effort, work ethic, and hustle.

The ability to move up in our company and earn more than just a coaches salary is there, it just depends on how bad you want it.
We are looking to hire a full time or part time Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach for any of our locations. All of our studios are 3100+ sq ft. Each studio space is dedicated specifically for the coaching and improvement of our clients.
If you're stuck in a stale, big box gym environment, need a change and are looking to advance your knowledge and skills as a personal trainer (and get paid while doing so), than become a part of our team.
We will provide you with all the in house education, sales techniques, client management skills, and coaching cues necessary to be successful.
We can teach you our assessments, (we use Gray Cooks FMS and a mix of our own unique and highly successful assessments). We can teach you the foundation of our program design, the application of how to deliver it, and the coaching skills necessary to not just conduct successful workouts, but programs that retain your clients for years to come.
We feel these skills are easy for us to teach you. However, the things we can't teach any person, like: work ethic, passion, common sense and a fun attitude need to be instilled before you start with us.


Personal trainers who recognize the potential of this growing company and think not only outside the box, but show leadership skills, will advance into new roles within, and become very successful.
We prefer someone with experience, but can and have trained the right individual who is driven and motivated. We do however require a certification or formal degree in the exercise field. (Associates degree is ok)
Even though you will attend R3 Fitness University and learn real world applicable skills, having a degree or certification shows us that you've at least put the first investment into your career.
  • ● Compensation for continuing education (up to $400 annually)
  • ● Paid Time Off
  • ● 401k
  • ● Health Insurance
  • ● Discounts for family members to train with us
Pre-requisites to work for R3 :
  • ● Willing to work 30-35 hours per week, 2-3 Saturday mornings per month
  • ● Energetic
  • ● Quick decision making skills
  • ● Fun Attitude
  • ● Customer Service Oriented
  • ● Self Motivated
  • ● Self managing
  • ● Organized
  • ● Prior experience as Strength Coach, Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer preferred