Getting into the best shape of your life starts here. During this FREE hour tell us your goals and aspirations, we will pinpoint what’s stopping you from unlocking your full potential to reach them.

We can guarantee you will not find another personal training gym in the area offering this type of initial appointment. We believe it is our job to earn the business of working with your most important asset, your body. All we can say is prepare to be amazed.



These are the workouts you have been searching for! Each hour long session is perfectly customized based solely on your Body Blueprint. Every session is packed with the perfect balance of what your body needs to be fit, healthy and strong inside and outside of the gym.

As you become increasingly more fit and strong our team of fitness experts design a new program to make them more challenging and match your newly attained fitness level. There is no limit to what you can achieve with R3.



Included with all programs is attendance to our fun filled group workouts. There are four levels to accommodate any fitness ability from beginner to weekend warrior. As you attend these workouts and get more fit your confidence will build, and you will then move up to the next level, but never before that happens.

You wont feel lost, intimidated or awkward like you would in other typical “boot camp” situations. By offering these groups you can come to additional  structured and motivating workouts 3-4 times a  week, for no additional cost.  Most other personal trainers charge for classes like this even if you only come once per week!

Go on, start now!

The first step, your Body Blueprint, is completely free and will provide you with valuable insights into your body and meeting your fitness  goals

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