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  • What is the R3 fitness philosophy?

    1. Exercise programs should always enhance your daily life and activities. They should never create new problems or injuries that impede or slow it down.

    2. Moving better is our top priority in any exercise program. Without this you can’t exercise hard or long enough to make any feasible changes to your body.

    3. Be accountable to a coach and show up, we will guide you through the rest of the journey. Accountability is the #1 reason people fail when starting an exercise program.

  • Why do you call yourselves “Fitness Coaches” and not Personal Trainers?

    Our system and protocols go above and beyond the typical personal training gym. We use only what works and are constantly learning and improving to get our clients into the best shape of their lives. In fact, we hold ourselves too much higher standards than most trainers in our industry. So much so that we decided we didn’t want to be called by the same name. We decided on coaches to separate ourselves from the pack and because we truly believe that, “Personal trainers only train you, but coaches will change you”

  • I’m really out of shape and haven’t worked out in a long time is R3 fitness for me?

    YES! We are prepared for any fitness situation, and any type of client. We have changed hundreds of clients just like you that have started in the exact same place. We pride ourselves in the ability to give even the most “deconditioned” person options when they join our system. It’s why our clients so successful. The results of our clients speak for themselves.

  • I have some previous injuries and/or current ones is it possible for me to workout with R3?

    YES! While we may suggest you see a Physical Therapist in our network for an advanced issue, we have successfully worked with many clients who thought exercising again at a high level wasn’t possible. In fact this is our specialty. It all comes down to being prepared, and having an exact plan based on YOUR BODY and HOW or WHY it moves the way it does. This is why our Body Blueprint is so important. It’s what separates us from the rest of the training studios or gyms out there. It will tell us exactly what you need, based on finding the weakest links and why they exist. We don’t pinch your fat or weigh you in; our coaches get to the root of the problem and then unlock your full potential for change. 

  • What’s included with an R3 fitness program?

    1. 100 % Custom program that changes every 4-5 weeks (used in the Semi-Private sessions)

    2. Semi-Private sessions (Choose either 4, 6, 8, or 10 of these per month)

    3. Unlimited access to our weekly Group Coaching schedule

    4. Unlimited support (Our door is always open) 

  • What are Semi-Private Sessions?

    Semi-Private Sessions Include:
    • Program is customized specifically for you & changes every 4-5 weeks
    • Sessions are 1-hour
    • Schedule ahead with a coach at a time convenient for you
    • 1-3 clients each hour

  • What are Group Coaching Sessions?

    Group Coaching Sessions:
    • Choose one of four levels that best matches your current fitness situation. (Click here for description of each level)
    • Sessions are 40 min long
    • Set schedule every week (Just show up and sign in)
    • 4+ clients each hour

  • What times can I schedule my Semi-Private Sessions?

    Coaches are available:
    Mon-Thurs 5am-8pm
    Friday 5am-6pm
    Saturday 7am-11am

  • When are the Group Coaching sessions?

    The group coaching sessions are offered 6 days a week at various set times throughout the day. Just show up, sign in, and enjoy your workout.
    Click one of the links below for a schedule of times at each location.

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